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  • Arizona
    2 galleries
  • Artistic Creations
    3 galleries
    Art photos created from originals
  • California
    35 galleries
    Images taken in California, San Diego County, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Solana Beach, Imperial Beach, Mojave Desert, High Sierra and elsewhere in the state
  • Colorado
    2 galleries
    Images of locations in Colorado including the Grand Canyon and the Great San Dunes
  • Fishing
    3 galleries
    Fishing destinations in the Western US, such as the Henry's Fork of the Snake River and Silver Creek. Also photos of flies used to catch trout, bass and Steelhead.
  • Guns and Hunting
    2 galleries
    Galleries of hunting, target shooting and other related activites
  • Idaho
    45 galleries
    Images from the State of Idaho, including the famous fishing waters of the Henry's Fork and Silver Creek, Stanley and Sun Valley.
  • Mexico
    1 gallery
  • Montana
    7 galleries
    Images of the state of Montana, including the Madison River, Big Hole River and Hyalite Canyon
  • Nevada
    3 galleries
    Images of the state of Nevada, including Searchlight, the Angel Lake area near Wells, and the Duck Creek area near Ely
  • Outdoor Products
    4 galleries
    Gallery collections of photographs of various outdoor products